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Dance is like dreaming with your feet


Step into the spotlight with Srishti dance academy

your dance journey starts here



We at Srishti Dance Academy strive hard to provide students with a complete dance experience and our studio is designed to make this possible.

- Privately owned and operated with flexibility for classes and practice sessions
- Custom dance flooring, perfect for Indian dances (less knee impact)
- Ample space for all class sizes
- Lobby area for parents, with an observing window to the dance area
- Private dance area for uninterrupted practice by students
- Wall-to-wall mirrors to help students see how they are doing
- Extensive dance programs designed for beginners to expert level dancers
- Instructor with experience in conducting classes for kids and adults


Academy Guidelines and Conduct

Important policies for students and parents to ensure a smooth and respectful learning environment

- Fee is due in the first class of the month
- No refunds are available for students missing classes
- Late fee of $10 will be applied for payments not paid on time
- Students must wear appropriate clothing, no shoes in the dance area
- Performances are not mandatory
- Instructor has the right to discipline/dismiss students from the classroom for misconduct
- Parents are not allowed in the dance area during the class
- Younger children should not be left unattended
- Students should be picked up on time
- Studio is closed on all major long weekends



Versatile Studio Space for Rent in Prime Location

Ideal for photoshoots, dance productions, and small gatherings. Surrounded by amenities and easily accessible

- Our spacious studio has gorgeous floors, lighting and ample parking space outisde.

- For all events like photoshoots, dance video productions, small size birthday parties,       get togethers.

- The location is so close to restaurants, groceries, shopping and more.

- Contact us if for your enquiries.

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