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I’m Swapna 
the awarded

Dance is an expression of life in all its forms"

Founder and director of Srishti Dance Academy, Swapna Komarraju, has been training since she was three years old. A dancer,creative artist, organic garndener, amazing cook, decor enthusiast, cheerleader, backend admin, makeup artist, a friend, mentor, guide and driving force behind "Srishti Dance Fam" and overall an all rounder.

She has vast experience in various dance forms like kuchipudi, andhra natyam, bollywood, folk, bhangra, garba, raas, hip hop, belly dance and what not and she thrives to learn more. With her keen interest in various dance forms, she has an open attitude for anything new and loves to experiment with different styles in her performances. She is not just an amazing dance but very sweet and humble human being who will go out of her way to get things done for her loved ones. If you are attending her kuchipudi class make sure you are ready to sync up the knowledge she shares, if you are attending her bollywood class you cant resist to get amaze by her energy and no wonder her class the most popular in town. 

She believes in building and growing the community together through dance as a universal language.

Swapna Komarraju
Founder & Director

Aim of life


Dance to express not impress is what we strongly believe in. Sharing our culture, passion through dance, music and make them experience all these through choreography. We teach stage presence, team work, creativity, healthy sportsmanship, work ethic by making our students part of our annual recitals. 


We build a strong bonding community through our students and their families with our teachers. Lot of lifelong friendships, biggest support system, home away from home happened through/within our dance family.


Our Mission is to provide professional dance instruction and instill appreciation for the art of dance in a safe, high quality studio environment. We plan to take our program as far as our dancers can dream. We thrive to make a mark with our dance passion leaving our audiences inspired, we want to see ourselves as a diversed dance studio that offers all types of dances, all while enriching lives of our students and creating memories they will cherish forever.

We've got an entire team dedicated to supporting you and your career 


Khushbu carries passion and dedication towards dance with full commitment. She is classically trained in Bharatnatyam, she has lot of experience in experiementing with other dance styles and fusing them together. Apart from sharing her passion she also manages backend operations, admin work, music mixing what not.

Khushbu Panchal

Bollywood, Folk specialist & operations manager


She is  an aircraft maintenance engineer by profession and by choice a dancer. She started learning kathak since she was four years old and has experience in Bharatanatyam, Semi-classical and Bollywood as well. Completed her kathak visarat from Jaipur Gharana. She also helps our fam by coordinating events, whatever background work needed to organize an event. If you she is not dancing you will see her baking amazing cakes and desserts.

Moumita Bhattacharjee

Kathak, Bollywood instructor & event coordinator


Poornima Balan is a Bharathanatyam dancer and Carnatic singer. She holds an M.A in Dance and B.A in music. She has given several performances in India and the United States. Apart from Bharathanatyam and classical vocal, she also dances and teaches Bollywood, Semi-classical. 

Poornima Balan 

Bharatanatyam instructor


Introducing our Bhangra teacher, a true dance prodigy! With a passion for Bhangra that ignited at the tender age of 7, she has been captivating audiences with vibrant performances ever since. Her dedication and expertise have not only made her a Bhangra sensation but have also led her to train numerous college-level dance teams, shaping them into fierce competitors in the world of dance. Get ready to groove and learn from a true Bhangra aficionado!

Jaya dcosta

Bhangra Instructor


Bhavya Karthik Kollipara, a dedicated Kuchipudi dancer, began her training at age of 3 in both Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. She holds a diploma in kuchipudi from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University and has performed at sacred sites across South India, earning awards like STREE SHAKTI, NATYA RATNA, NATYA ACHARYA and making a Guinness World Record appearance in Maha Brinda Natyam. With six years of teaching experience, Bhavya nurtures the talents of aspiring dancers, leaving a lasting impact in the world of Kuchipudi.

Bhavya Karthik Kollipara

Kuchipudi Instructor


 our Bollywood dance instructor, nurtures a profound love for the art of dance. Her story, which began during her school and college years, saw dance fading into the background as adulthood took over. Presently, she is reigniting this passion with a newfound self-assurance and an assortment of dance moves.Furthermore, her aspiration is to spread the pure joy that dance instills in her life.”


Bollywood Dance Instructor

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