Swapna Komarraju

Dance is an expression of life in all its forms"

Founder and director of Srishti Dance Academy, Swapna Komarraju, has been training since she was three years old.  She's professionally trained in the classical dance forms of popular Kuchipudi and AndhraNatyam styles. She has been givimg several performances in India as well as in the United States and has started this academy as a way to introduce various Indian dance forms, helping us get closer to our culture. With her keen interest in various dance forms, she has an open attitude for anything new and loves to experiment with different styles in her performances.



Khushbu Panchal

Khushbu carries passion and dedication towards dance with full commitment. She is classically trained in Bharatnatyam, she has lot of experience in experiementing with other dance styles and fusing them together.


Melissa Kumar​

She has been part of the Srishti since last 10 years, started as a amatuer dance who is now at the professional in the forms of  hip-hop, bollywood and funk. 

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Thanuja Neerukonda


Originally from Chicago, her specialization is in Bollywood Fusion, Kuthu and Contemporary. She has been dancing since she was 8 years old. Resident physician at Brandon Regional Hospital. 


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